25T Counter Balanced Heavy Duty Forklift Truck

25T Counter Balanced Heavy Duty Forklift Truck

25T Counter Balanced Heavy Duty Forklift Truck
Engine: Cummins
Transmission: Electric type
Load Center: 1250mm
Lifting height: 3500mm-6000mm
Mast type: duplex wide view mast,duplex free mast,triplex free mast
With full cabin and AC
With sideshifter and fork positioner

Product Details

25T Counter Balanced Heavy Duty Forklift Truck

Main Configuration and Advantages of SOCMA 25tons Forklift: 

1, Power of 25t forklift: Adopt Turbo-charge engine, Engine system adopt Int. Advanced fuel system, which features with low fuel consumption, low noise, with strong power and stable out-put, emission can be adjusted with the requirement of different market, the Max. Emission can reach national III standard. The engine widely used in different working condition, with high cost effectiveness and reliable after-sales service to guarantee the usage of the engine. The accessory such as filter and that the engine use is specialized. 

2, Transmission and Torque converter of 25t diesel forklift, Adopts ZF technology electronic control transmission. The torque converter is stable and reliable. The gearshift is smooth. It is a reliable transmission assembly after the testing of the market   

3, Driving axle for 25t heavy duty forklift: SOCMA brand driving axle is designed with the same structure as Kessler. It is with first stage screw reducer and planetary driving wheel side reduction device. 

It is designed for special working condition of forklift.  The wheel shell resistance strength is high.  It is with good supporting and good radiation.  The driving axle is clamp disco brake, it is a high cost effectiveness driving axle with reliable performance and stable quality. 

4, Brake system: The 25t capacity forklift is with clamp-disc brake, the braking force is reliable and stable, booster pressure. The braking performance is reliable in any working condition, it is easy to maintain

5, Radiation system: Adopts 3-row water tank, with reliable quality and good radiation. The good radiation can guarantee that that all of the parts of different systems can work in good temperature condition reduces the failure of the forklift, increase the reliable.  

6, Wheel system: Adopt GKN wheel rim and high-reliability non spoke plate structure, which can meet different heavy duty working condition. 

7, Chassis for SOCMA heavy duty forklifts: Adopt double beam box-type chassis (same as konecranes).  The chassis is with good rigidity and strength, which guarantee the high performance of forklift chassis.  The chassis has been tested in the following aspects: Stiffness verification, strength testing, fatigue life-span assessment, with guidance by Chinese Academy of Sciences-Haixi Institute. The FEA analysis is widely used, which help the optimization of structure design, guarantee the safety operation of the products  

8, Hydraulic system: Adopt domestic advanced hydraulic parts in the forklift, with joy stick control as standard. 

9, Truck standard configuration: with shock absorbing cab, hydraulic fork positioner, rear-view monitor, air conditioner and fan as standard configuration.  

Main specifications for forklift in 25t lifting capacity

25t forklift spec.

Pictures of SOCMA diesel forklifts:

25T diesel forklift9

25T diesel forklift truck

25T heavy duty forklift

steering wheel for 18t forklift

Fujian South China Heavy Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. is dedicating the research and development of material handling equipment and construction machinery.

Maintenance guide for 25t heavy duty forklift, counter balanced forklift

Notice items for 25t diesel forklift before maintenance 

● Maintenance should be on a solid, flat surface.

● Mast device close to the ground, lay flat fork.

● All control crank should be placed in the middle pisition.

● Pull parking brake lever.

●Should placed block at the front of tire and back of tire.

● Release the pressure in the hose before repairing hydraulic system and gas circuit.

Hang Warning flags

Maintenance, Warning signs should be placed near the start button, in case someone start the engine.

Spare parts preparation regarding 25t diesel forklift

use SOCMA designated repair parts, for maintenance and replacement.。

Oil preparation for heavy duty deal forklifts

According to ambient temperature to select specified oil.

Use clean oil in heavy duty forklifts

To keep the tank clean, use clean oil

To keep clean forklift

To keep clean forklift, in particular, to keep lubricating oil cup, pipe joint and fuel gauge etc clean,

to avoid impurities.

Be aware of high temperature oil and water when using 12-50t diesel forklifts

The engine just stopped, discharge high temperature oil, cooling water or take down oil filter is very

dangerous, and must wait for the engine to cool down (20 ~ 40 ℃). If less than this temperature,

heated to the temperature range and wil discharge.

Check the oil and filter using in the heavy duty forklift

When should change a new filter, the filter should be checked whether there is the old metal

particles. If yes, please contact our service personnel.

Welding guide

● Turn off the engine ,start switch, removed the battery cables.

● The distance between welding area and the ground cable in less than 1m.

● Avoid welding near the seals and bearings.

● Do not weld the oil pipeline with oil.


Use non-flammable cleaning agents or light oil to clean components, may not have Mars or

pyrotechnic close.

Seals for forklift

Replacement O-ring or gasket, the sealing surface should be clean, then the new O-ring or gasket

into the exact location.

Check mast, frame mixed in the 25t diesel forklift

After a long time to load and unload material, check if the mast and frame are damaged pieces, and

parts connecting with bolts and nuts if are loose, damaged.

Notice items of cleaning forklift

● Cleaning after engine adequately cooled.

● Does not allow the water splashed on electrical components.

Check in the snow environment

Cleaning forklift timely afte working in the snow environment, lubrication and fat liquoring

rust-proof in more parts.

Dusty environment

Work in a dusty environment, you should note the following:

● Always check and clean the air filter to prevent blockage.

● Regular cleaning to prevent clogging the radiator.

● Frequent cleaning and replace fuel filter.

● Clean electrical devices, especially to start the motor and generator to prevent dust accumulation.

● Air filter replacement and maintenance see random "Diesel use and maintenance manual."

Avoid using mixed oil

Avoid mixing different brands oil.

If only one oil, with oil being used in different, then replace all the oil is being used.

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