18 Ton Forklift Trucks For Stone Quarry

18 Ton Forklift Trucks for stone quarry,Forklift trucks 22,000-122000 lbs.

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SOCMA 18 ton forklifts,18 Ton hybrid power Forklift Trucks for stone quarry

SOCMA offers China the most and best highest performance 18 ton forklifts,18 ton lift trucks,18t lifting forklifts,18 ton hoist, forklift truck 18 ton,heavy duty forklift trucks 18 ton,

Forklifts can generally be divided into three categories: 18 ton internal combustion forklifts, 18 ton electric forklifts and 18 ton storage forklifts.

18 ton Internal combustion, forklifts are divided into ordinary internal combustion forklifts,18 ton heavy forklifts, 18 ton container forklifts and 18 ton side forklifts.

SOCMA Forklift produces a world-class full range of forklift products for global users, and has the most complete product series, including internal combustion counterbalanced forklifts, electric counterbalanced forklifts, storage forklifts, heavy forklifts, explosion-proof forklifts, etc., to meet the needs of users in different working conditions.


Highly equipped 18 ton forklift _ cost-effective 18 ton forklift _ 18 ton forklift price

Length: 5855mm (without fork)

Width: 2750mm

Height: 3650mm

Fork size: 1200-2500mm (customer order)

Industrial vehicles: heavy forklifts

Weight: 27000kg

Height: 5300

Whether to customize: yes

Performance characteristics

This series of forklifts has undergone sufficient market research in the early stage and is developed using advanced IPD (Integrated Product Development) processes. It is suitable for use in ports, wharves, and enterprises under working conditions. The car has

The characteristics of comfort, safety, reliability, energy saving and environmental protection are introduced as follows:

Energy saving and environmental protection

The cooling system adopts the technology of a compressor driven by a fan, and the motor displacement is adjustable. The controller reads several temperature control signals (such as engine water temperature signals) that need to be collected from the CAN bus, and for each temperature

The temperature signal, according to the vehicle heat dissipation requirements and the characteristics of the temperature signal, set the starting temperature and the target temperature reasonably. The controller separately calculates the fan speed requirements corresponding to several temperature signals, and takes the fan speed demand corresponding to the temperature signal required as the effective value, so as to realize the automatic adjustment of the cooling system fan speed.

1. Intelligent and sensitive thermal management system: The composite radiator is placed obliquely above the tailstock, and the air duct does not pass through the inside of the car body, which can reduce the possibility of paper dust and dust accumulating inside the car body along with the air duct;

2. Intelligent and sensitive heat management system: This system has high heat dissipation efficiency and can effectively control the temperature of engine intake air, coolant, transmission oil, and hydraulic oil, so that the whole vehicle is in working condition;



The SOCMA Group is one of the world's leading suppliers of industrial vehicles, warehousing technology and logistics technology. In Europe, SOCMA is the number one supplier of storage equipment. Since 2010, the group company headquartered in Quanzhou, China, has provided forklift handling equipment to customers in the industrial field.

SOCMA is a high-quality battery forklift manufacturer that is directly and specializes in the R&D, manufacturing, sales and after-sales of lithium battery forklifts and diesel forklifts and LNG forklifts. Responsible for providing customers with sales and after-sales service of electric forklifts produced by the company in China. Environmentally friendly products that adapt to the development of the times, outstanding product performance, and after-sales service network throughout China, make SOCMA  products in the forefront of foreign brands.

18t forklift truck

18 ton forklift

18t forklift truck

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