Socma 16 Ton Heavy Lift Forklift Truck heavy equipment forklift Engine LNG cheap price

Heavy 16 Ton LNG Forklift Truck Color
Engine: Famous Brand in China ,low oil consumption, high quality turbocharged engine, good power performance, big torque reserves, has strong power, energy conservation and environmental protection.
Steering system: Equipped transverse oil cylinder type steering bridge, full-hydraulic steering, flexible and light, reliable.
Transmission & torque converter: imported technology, reliable performance, convenient maintenance, smooth transmission, and convenient operation.

Product Details

PIC:John Chen


Technical Parameter

Design details
FeaturesRated LoadQ(t)16
Load centerc(mm)900
ChassisTyre Specs.:Front
Tyre Specs.:Rear
Tyres Qty,front/rear(X-drive wheels)
Wheel tread:Frontb10(mm)2060
Wheel tread:Rearb11(mm)2330
DimensionMast/carriage tilt angle(front/rear)Degree(°)6\12
Mast height(fork lowering)h1(mm)3625
Mast lifting heighth3(mm)3500
Max.lifting heighth4(mm)5375
 Height to head guard(height to cab)h6(mm)3365
Overall Length(with forks)l1(mm)7640
Fork front vertical surface to the rear end of the vehiclel2(mm)5840
Overall widthb1/b2(mm)2750
Fork Dimensions/e(mm)1800X220X100
Fork carriage widthb3(mm)2700
Mast min ground clearance(with load)m1(mm)265
Wheelbase center min ground clearance(with load)m2(mm)325
Min.Turning radiusWa(mm)5800
Travel speed(with load/without load)km/h26/30
PerformanceMax.lifting speed(with load/without load)mm/s250/260
Max.Lowering speed(with load/without load)mm/s430/330
Grade ablity(with load/without load)20/21
Driving brake
Hydraulic clamp disc
EngineEngine  brand/modelOptional oneYuchai engine

6.494L 129KW 2200rpm
Optional twoDongfeng Cummins

6.7L 142KW 2200rpm
Cylinder No.6
OthersTransmission gears(Front/rear)
Attachments working pressure Mpa16
Attachments using oil amountl/min60


Socma Forklift related information and news share:

Liquefied natural gas, as a clean and environmentally friendly high-quality energy source, has a low content of sulfur, dust and other harmful substances. The harmful gases in the exhaust gas are greatly reduced, and sulfur oxides are reduced to zero, which can fundamentally improve the environmental quality. Compared with diesel forklifts of the same tonnage, the fuel economy can save more than 20% of fuel costs and reduce the use cost. The power of the whole machine is strong. It adopts an electronically controlled natural gas engine specially developed for forklifts, which has superior power performance.

Low noise, low vibration, compared with gasoline and diesel, it has a higher octane number, good anti-knock performance, and significantly reduces the noise and vibration of the vehicle. The whole machine is developed on the basis of Heli's classic H2000 model, with mature and reliable systems. Choose domestic well-known brand LNG vehicle cylinders, and the quality is guaranteed.

With a long cruising range, a bottle of LNG fuel can work continuously for about 2 to 3 working days under normal labor intensity. The low temperature start performance is good, the minimum start temperature is -30℃. Can provide LNG single fuel forklift, gasoline LNG dual fuel forklift for users to choose.

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