16 Ton Heavy Duty Forklift Rental Truck Hydarulic Forklift

3.Engine:DF Cummins
4:Product configuration:
Joystick control
3500mm lifting height, two stage wide view mast
Reverse alarm
With pneumatic tyre
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Product Details

  • Using four heavy caliper disc brake, thicken brake disc, the rear air tank, 18 times braking pressure strength ratio, heat dissipation faster, reliable and safe operation

  • Inner and outer mast adopt roller operate, the door frame with roller, movable block energy structure, long service life of the mast, high reliability

  • With massive deepen heavy forklift tire, rear steering axle can swing around the center, have good traction performance and passing performance.

  • The whole machine is beautiful and smooth. Luxury wide view cabin, along with the skylight, low noise, good sealing

  • Zero emission, zero pollution,low noise.

  • Low use cost. The electricity consumption cost of pure electric construction machinery is about 30% of the fuel cost of traditional construction machinery.

  • High battery safety, no risk of spontaneous combustion/deflagration

  • The lifespan of the battery is more than 8-year. The recycle lifespan of lithium iron phosphate battery under 1C is more than 4000 times.






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