10 Ton Forklift With Steel Rebar attachment

10 ton forklift with steel rebar attachment

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10 ton forklift with steel rebar attachment,

Rebar refers to steel used for reinforced concrete and for prestressed reinforced concrete. Its cross section is round and sometimes square with rounded corners.

Including smooth round bar, ribbed bar, torsion bar.

Reinforced concrete steel bar refers to the straight or disk steel bar used for reinforced concrete reinforcement. Its shape is divided into two kinds of smooth circular steel bar and deformed steel bar. The delivery state is straight bar and disk circle.

Light round bar is actually a small round steel and disk of ordinary low carbon steel.

Deformed bars are ribbed bars on the surface, usually with 2 longitudinal ribs and transverse ribs evenly distributed along the length direction.

The transverse rib for spiral shape, herringbone, crescent shape 3.

In millimeters of nominal diameter.

The nominal diameter of deformed bars is equivalent to the nominal diameter of light circular bars with the same cross section.

The nominal diameter of the reinforcement is 8-50 mm, and the recommended diameters are 8, 12, 16, 20, 25, 32, 40 mm.

Steel: 20MnSi, 20MnV, 25MnSi, BS20MnSi.

Reinforcement mainly bears tensile stress in concrete.

Due to the effect of ribs, deformed bars and concrete have a greater bond ability, so they can better bear the action of external forces.

Reinforcement is widely used in all kinds of building structures.

In particular, large, heavy, light thin wall and high-rise building structures.

10 ton forklift with steel rebar,

Compression reinforcement, tensile reinforcement, vertical reinforcement, distributed reinforcement, stirrup, etc

Reinforcement is now widely used in any building, which provides better evidence for human progress, and it is also the current inspection of the quality of reinforcement. When the members are reinforced according to the minimum reinforcement ratio, the reinforcement should be replaced according to the principle of (equal area).

The technical performance of reinforcement includes many items, and different requirements can be put forward according to the characteristics of different products. For example, bending and reverse bending (reverse bending) tests are required for ordinary reinforcement, and repeated bending, torsion and winding tests are required for some prestressed steel.

10 ton forklift

10 ton forklift

10 ton forklift

10 ton forklift

10 ton forklift

10 ton forklift

10 ton forklift

10 ton forklift

10 ton forklift

10 ton forklift

10 ton forklift

Power Unit
Operator Type

Transimission Box Type

Rated Capacitykg10000
Load Centermm600
Max.Lifting Heightmm3000
Tire Type

Tire Number Front
Tire Size Front
Lifting  SpeedLoadedmm/s450
Lowering  Speed Loadedmm/s500
Travelling  Speed Loadedkm/h25
Max.Gradeability (Loaded)%27
Max.Drawbar Pull (Loaded)kg5400
Mast Tilting Angle (Fwd/Bwd)deg6/12
Free Lifting Heightmm155
Turning Radiusmm3370
Overall Length (with fork) mm4870
Overall Widthmm2000
Overhead Guard Heightmm2480
Fork Size (LxWxT)mm1220x150x65
Mast Height (Fork lowered)mm2500
Battery (Voltage/Capacity)V/Ah2×12/90
Truck Weightkg9200
Fuel Tank CapacityL135


Rated Powerkw/rpm

Rated torquen-m/rpm

Number Of Cylinder



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