Heavy Duty Forklift Crane 40 Ton

Heavy Duty Forklift Crane 40 Ton

SOCMA heavy duty forklift crane Multi-purpose heavy duty forklift with crane arm Forklift lifting capacity from 13.5 ton to 50 ton, Crane lifting capacity from 4 ton to 50 ton, Crane arm length from 4 meter to 25 meter Can be tailor-made according to your requirements.

Product Details

SOCMA heavy duty forklift crane 40 ton 

Can be tailor-made according to your requirements. 

forklift crane is a integrated new products launching by SOCMA

Forklift capacity is 13.5tons, crane capacity is 72 ton*m, the crane can be 360 degree rotated.

This new product is not a simply forklift plus crane.  

But a perfect integration of forklift and crane.


The fork installed on the front mast, the crane installed on the rear chassis.

The crane is used to handle and lift cargo, it can be stretched out and drawed back, also folded.

It is with integral chassis, there are five outriggers around the front and rear chassis, which guarantee the balance of the truck.


Two independent hydraulic system, which support the different working device, shift valve control the combination and the distribution.

The outriggers are easy to stretch out or drawled back, which can meet the different forklift or crane working condition.  


It is with pilot control, a single joy sticker can control the forklift 3-group action, which reduce the hydraulic control hose, increase the cab space.

The remote control and wireless receiver module control the actions of the crane, including rotating, folding, lifting, stretching and drawing back.

The operator can work at  any place of the crane, it is safe and reliable

The rotating of the crane is controlled by double rotary motor, which make the rotating of the boom more smoothly, and improve the braking of the rotary motor.

The radiator system is arranged at the right side,

the hydraulic motor control the hydraulic fan and hydraulic oil cooler, which guarantee the heat balance of the truck.

The cab is arranged at the left side, the highest point of the folded crane is lower than the forklift mast, which reducing the overall height of the truck.


Forklift + Crane, One plus one.

It is much less than two in the consideration of the procurement cost.

Forklift + Crane, one plus one.

You can save an operator wage cost,also the fuel and maintenance cost.

One plus one is much less than two in the consideration of the user cost.

One plus one is much more than two in the consideration of profit.


SOCMA, A customer demand-oriented company

Please expect the forklift models with bigger capacity and load moment to be launched by SOCMA in the near future,

These models include: 


Innovation makes SOCMA a great company !

Pic: John Chen 
email: john@socmachinery.com

wa:0086 18106938692

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