ISO 20ft And 40ft Empty Container Handler

Empty container handler
Equipped with powerful Cummins engine
With full electrical control system
Equipped with turbocharger
Strong power to meet various working condition
Comply with EU III emission

Product Details

SOCMA ISO 20ft and 40ft Empty Containers Handler

High Quality Powerful Engine 

Equipped with cummins engine, with full electrical control system to ensure economic fuel consumption

Equipped with turbocharger to improve the truck power and engine efficiency Strong power to meet various working condition  Comply with EU stage III gas emission standard Full lubrication performance to ensure the low noise level The electric engine protection system shutdown the engine to avoid

the damage when low lub-oil pressure / high temperature

Advanced Technology-Excellent Truck Quality

With multiple advantages, the truck has high safety/high efficiency/high precision and high stability performances. Integrated operating system ensure the truck highly productive.

Smooth Power Steering

Hydrostatic power steering allows full steering lock to be attained even at standstill. Accurate maneuverability with min. effort. Cab-mounted ati-kick valve. Heavy-duty steer axle mounted to the chassis via spherelastic bushes allowing axle articulation over uneven ground. Steering lock stops preventing cylinder over stroke. 

Full Can-bus Control System

SECH empty container handler is equipped with full Can-bus control system. 

The engine/transmission/electric system/hydraulic system/loading safety system/spreader system are all integrated in the Can-bus system, all devices are monitored at real time. Parker control units ensure the system reliable and flexible. 

Rigorous design process

FEM analysis supported design provides high strength of chassis and mast, making whole truck stable and robust. 

Innovative lift mast

The design of the ultra-wide clear view lift mast qualifies as revolutionary: in contrast to established fork truck design principles, the inner mast is pivoted on the chassis whereas it is the outer mast that telescopes. Increased forward visibility. Mast construction extremely stiff in torsion, guaranteeing perfect load elevation up to max. lift. 

Color Display 

A reliable color display shows the lifting weight / boom angle / lifting height / main pressure / engine status / oil level / error code etc. All important information 

The quick responding controller helps the operation high efficiency 

The Automatic Transmission 

ZF automatic transmission was equipped with SOCMA container handler 

Auto-gear transmission with 5 forwards / 3  reverse speed, makes the truck operation smooth and good economic performance 

Minimum maintenance, long life time 

Inching function ensure the accurate approaching performance 

Reversing interlock, speed controlled downshift protection

container handler loadingcontainer handler4empty container handler

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