HNL-50EE The extended-range electric wheel loader that combines the current engine power generation technology and electric drive system that meets the national standard(China Standard) IV emission. The traditional high-power engine is replaced by a distributed dual motor as the power output for the hydraulic system and the walking system. A low-power engine combined with a generator provides auxiliary power for the vehicle, and through walking braking energy recovery technology, it takes advantage of the quiet and fast response characteristics of electric drive, and realizes the purpose of low-power engine low fuel consumption and increased cruising range. "The vehicle can reach all its power performance in pure electric mode, and when the on-board rechargeable battery can not meet the mileage requirements, the on-board auxiliary power generation device is turned on to provide electrical energy for the power system to extend the mileage." Application: HNL-50EE Extended-range electric loaders can well replace traditional diesel loaders. They are mainly used for shoveling, loading, unloading: soil,stone and other bulk materials; as well as light shoveling operations on rocks and hard soils. If you change to a different working device, you can also complete the work of bulldozing, lifting, loading and unloading other materials. Product Characteristics It has the advantages of quiet electric driving, fast speed increase, and stable operation. It can be used as a pure electric loader in a short working time and convenient charging environment, without refueling, and the cost is very low; Lithium battery and low-power diesel engine cooperate with each other, and the endurance and working time are greatly increased compared with pure electric vehicles; Based on peak shaving and valley filling to optimize engine operating conditions, it reduce engine rated power, improve energy conversion efficiency, and effectively reduce fuel consumption and emissions; Adjust the output flow of the motor pump according to the working conditions to reduce useless work, less heat, and high efficiency and energy saving; Low vibration, comfortable operation and improved driving experience.

Product Details



Performance Parameter
Basic Electricity comsuption30-50 KW/H
(according to working condition)
 Rated loading capacity5000kg
bucket capacity3.0m3
Digging force145KN
operationg weight17000kg

unloading height(unloading angle 45°)

unloading distance(unloading angle 45°)
powertrain systemTypemechanical

2 / 2
Hydraulic(high speed/low speed)
gear of transmission F 2/R 2
Traction force155kN   
TypePermanent magnet synchronous motor
Main pump motor parameterPower(35kW-85kW -100kW)
 motor operation efficiency interval rate86%-98%
TypeLithium iron phosphate
Battery parameter
Battery Rated storage energy

Battery rated capacity
nominal voltage541V

 more than 4000
safe charging time of recycling using

 more than 8 years
theoretical using time
charging time0.6-1.5h(according to the efficiency of charging point)
 pressure25 MPa
Hydraulic system flow300 L/min
Steering systemsteering modelBZZ3-E1000C+FKBR-6020
 pressure16 MPa
steering typearticulated frame steering
turning angle35°
Brake typeservice brakedisc brake
Brake pressure0.684-0.785 MPa
Park breakdisc brake
Dimensionoverall height3220mm
overall  width2840mm
overall length7310mm
wheel base2760mm
wheel tread2240mm
width of bucket2990mm
ground clearance350mm
Turning radius(outside)≥6650mm
Position of drivingcenter area
Type of driving seatsitting type
Standard Tyre(Pneumatic)Wheel numberfront 2/ rear 2
Drive tyre numberr4WD
Tyre size23.5-25
EngineEngine ModelYUCHAI
Engine Power36.8Kw
Fuel typediesel
EmissionChina National Standard IV
Input air coolingTurbocharging

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