5 Ton Fully Electric wheel Loader HNL-50EL

5 Ton Fully Electric wheel Loader HNL-50EL

* 5 Ton Fully Electric wheel Loader, * 5 ton pure electric wheel loader for earth moving

Product Details

The SOCMA Wheel Loader optimizes the design of cost-effective products based on the traditional 5-ton product for the user's actual working conditions.

Focusing on customer value, the machine is widely used in the production of construction, engineering, railway loading and unloading, coal, port logistics and other enterprises.

SOCMA heavy duty fixed shaft gearbox, reliability, operating comfort, functional diversity,

Integrated cab, large space, full view, super quiet, micro pressure, equipped with sound, air conditioning, each control element within reach, creating the best operating environment.

Using SOCMA Wheel Loader's unique high-strength frame structure frame system, through dynamic simulation research and finite element in-depth analysis, lightweight design, "load consumable ratio" is significantly ahead of industry products.

1.SOCMA fully electric wheel loader can be used for loading, dumping, lifting and towing in the construction of open-pit mine development and stripping, railway foundation and road repairing.

2. electric wheel loader HNL-50EL In small and medium-sized open-pit mines, it is used to replace excavators and automobiles as the main mining, loading and transporting equipment; it can be combined with automobiles and can also be used to load and transport ore to the crushing station.

3. SOCMA  full electric wheel loader HNL-50EL In some large open-pit mines, cooperate with excavators to carry out mining and installation work and other auxiliary operations under complex conditions (such as selective mining, end of working face, scattered piles, trench excavation, etc.).

4.SOCMA pure electric wheel loader HNL-50EL it can be used for mining, loading, and transporting combined operations on a face with a steep slope to complete difficult mining work.

3.5-5 ton electric loader is SOCMA 2020 new product of the pure electric construction machinery,this electric wheel loader is made by lithium battery and more powerfully than tranditional diesel wheel loader,1 hours charging time and 8 hours continuous work,please contact emma@socmachinery.com for more details.

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