8T Cable Type Electric Crawler Excavator

8T Cable Type Electric Crawler Excavator

8t Cable Type Electric Excavator
1, energy consumption of the whole machine is reduced by more than 30%
2, working efficiency is increased by 20%
3, power supplied by grid

Product Details

SOCMA Grid Power Electric Excavator

SOCMA Electric Excavator With Hight Safety:

The high safety is the foundation and premise of Electric Construction Machinery

Integrates the functions of pre-charge protection, insulation fault monitoring and high-voltage interlock, etc.

The independently developed electronic control system, provides all-round real-time fault diagnosis and protection for the electrical system and hydraulic system.

SOCMA HNE80C-EP The Electrical System adopts intelligent heat radiation system, automatically adjust heat dissipation power according to real-time temperature to achieve more precise energy consumption control.

SOCMA increase the safety of electric construction machinery to a new level.

Grid Power Supply, eliminating user's anxiety about battery working time.

SOCMA grid power supply excavator range covers from 1.5t to 36t.

The cab is safe and comfortable, the high-power green air-conditioning system, the all-round adjustable suspension seat, and the safety standard through falling objects, tipping protection and rollover protection.

SOCMA current products ranges cover:

1, material handling equipment including heavy duty forklift, rough terrain forklift, telescopic forklift, reach stacker.

2, constructions machinery including wheel excavator, wheel loader.

3, telescopic slagging truck, which is customized for using in the metal smelting industry.

4, electric machines including lithium battery type excavator, wheel loader, heavy duty forklift and grid power excavator

Installation & maintenance of SOCMA machines:

SOCMA is able to provide you with overall installation of complicated machinery and equipment, for example-heavy duty forklift, reach stacker etc, allowing you to start the normal operation of these machinery immediately. After installation, we will make inspection of the whole machine, operate equipment, and provide you with testing data reports of installation and operation.

electric crawler excavator

electric excavator

grid power excavator

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