7 Ton Big Forklift Manufacturer Socma Attach Tyre Clamp Work For Tyre Repairer Workshop

Socma small and big forklift
High Efficiency
Energy Saving
A Radical Innovation To Establish a new industry model How can we design the forklift so as to satisfy the needs of managers,drivers and piled goods!

Product Details




SpecificationsPower Unit
Operator Type
Transimission Bo× Type
Electronic hydraulic transmisson
Rated Capacitykg7000
Load Centermm600
Ma×.Lifting Heightmm3000
Tire Type
Pneumatic Tyre
Tire Number Front
Tire Size Front
Performance×Lifting SpeedLoadedmm/s450
Lowering Speed Loadedmm/s500
Travelling Speed Loadedkm/h25
Ma×.Gradeability (Loaded)%27
Ma×.Drawbar Pull (Loaded)kg5400
Mast Tilting Angle (Fwd/Bwd)deg6/12
Free Lifting Heightmm155
Turning Radiusmm3370
DimensionsOverall Length (with fork)mm4870
Overall Widthmm2000
Overhead Guard Heightmm2480
Fork Size (L×W×T)mm1220×150×65
Mast Height (Fork lowered)mm2500
Battery (Voltage/Capacity)V/Ah2×12/90
Truck Weightkg9200
Fuel Tank CapacityL135
Rated Powerkw/rpm82.3/200067.6/230080.8/250
Rated torquen-m/rpm418/1500293/1700354/1650
Number Of Cylinder

7 ton2

Socma small and big forklift Related Information and News Share:

2018 is destined to be a watershed between battery forklifts and internal combustion forklifts. The market that was dominated by internal combustion forklifts in the past will be changed due to the rise of battery forklifts!

In response to the requirements of environmental protection policies, small-tonnage forklifts are constantly being replaced by battery forklifts! In recent years, internal combustion forklifts have disappeared from major domestic exhibitions and have been replaced by electric forklifts. More and more manufacturers have joined the competition in the field of electric forklifts. Therefore, the technology of electric forklifts will make breakthroughs in the next few years!

Forklift Jun uses the bicycle industry we are familiar with to reflect on our forklift industry.

In the 1990s, my country still used bicycles as the main means of transportation. Electric bicycles were still in their infancy. The original electric bicycles had a mileage of only 20-30kw, but after 2000, as many hot money entered, electric bicycle manufacturers It has sprung up like bamboo shoots, motor technology and battery technology are constantly updated, and the driving mileage of 30kw, 50kw, 80kw, 100kw, etc. has been continuously broken, so that ordinary people can use high-quality and cheap electric bicycles, and they are also exported to all over the world!

2018 is destined to be an electric forklift. Traditional internal combustion forklift manufacturers, electric storage truck manufacturers, electric bicycle manufacturers, battery manufacturers and other industries have continuously increased the technology research and development in the field of electric forklifts, such as lithium batteries, electronic controls, motors, etc. Technology is constantly being updated. Some domestic manufacturers have developed products that replace imported electronic control, and lithium batteries have reached the world's advanced level.

The demand for electric forklifts in the market is that the battery capacity is larger and the volume is smaller, so the development of lithium batteries is huge. If the cost problem can be solved, then the popularization of lithium batteries will be a matter of time!

The technology of driving the motor requires lower power consumption, higher efficiency, strong power and small size.

The hydraulic drive control system requires more sensitive operation and reduces the rate of electrical energy loss.

Controller technology innovation, domestic brand controllers will gradually replace imported products, thanks to the huge domestic market volume. Internationally, as long as China overcomes product technical barriers, those products that need to be imported will greatly reduce the price! The crusher in developed countries has been deeply rooted in the people!

On February 8, 2018, Anhui Heli Co., Ltd. and ZF (China) Investment Co., Ltd. signed a joint venture contract in Hefei to establish a Sino-German joint venture "ZF Heli Transmission Technology (Hefei) Co., Ltd.". Committed to building the world's leading industrial vehicle transmission system research and development, engineering, manufacturing, assembly, testing, and sales base.

At present, domestic forklifts basically use the transmission technology of Japanese TCM forklifts, but with the continuous improvement of product technology, the requirements for forklifts in the market are getting higher and higher. The drive system of forklifts has always been the shortcoming of domestic forklift manufacturers, and the market has become more homogeneous. Domestic forklift manufacturers mainly support Zhongnan Transmission, Shaoxing Gear, and Zhongchai Transmission.









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