7 Ton Big Joe Forklifts Good For Wholesale And Retail Attach Oil Drum Clamp Work For Oil Industry

Socma small and big forklift
High Efficiency
Energy Saving
A Radical Innovation To Establish a new industry model How can we design the forklift so as to satisfy the needs of managers,drivers and piled goods!

Product Details




SpecificationsPower Unit
Operator Type
Transimission Bo× Type
Electronic hydraulic transmisson
Rated Capacitykg7000
Load Centermm600
Ma×.Lifting Heightmm3000
Tire Type
Pneumatic Tyre
Tire Number Front
Tire Size Front
Performance×Lifting SpeedLoadedmm/s450
Lowering Speed Loadedmm/s500
Travelling Speed Loadedkm/h25
Ma×.Gradeability (Loaded)%27
Ma×.Drawbar Pull (Loaded)kg5400
Mast Tilting Angle (Fwd/Bwd)deg6/12
Free Lifting Heightmm155
Turning Radiusmm3370
DimensionsOverall Length (with fork)mm4870
Overall Widthmm2000
Overhead Guard Heightmm2480
Fork Size (L×W×T)mm1220×150×65
Mast Height (Fork lowered)mm2500
Battery (Voltage/Capacity)V/Ah2×12/90
Truck Weightkg9200
Fuel Tank CapacityL135
Rated Powerkw/rpm82.3/200067.6/230080.8/250
Rated torquen-m/rpm418/1500293/1700354/1650
Number Of Cylinder

7 ton2

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In recent years, the rapid development of the forklift industry is obvious to all. As an important logistics handling equipment, forklifts have become a bright star in the domestic equipment industry under the overall economic slowdown environment, coupled with a compound annual sales growth rate. Over 15%, the wide space for the ever-increasing penetration rate of electric forklifts has attracted manufacturers of all sizes. But behind the vigorous development of the industry, some people are happy and some are worried.

According to statistics, my country's forklift industry started in the late 1950s and only began to take shape in the 1970s. Up to now, there are more than 80 forklift manufacturers, more than 30 storage forklift and light and small handling vehicle companies, and more than 10 independent, Joint venture. Obviously, as the industry grows and the market expands, competition in the forklift market becomes more intense, and the survival of the fittest will inevitably occur. In the future, market competition will also be more concentrated among big names with strong overall strength.

In the forklift market, BYD forklifts are an outstanding forklift brand in my country and have been widely praised by major customers. We all know that in the fierce market competition, products, brands, and channels are the troika that promotes the development of enterprises. Products are the foundation of enterprises. Brands are the soft power to enhance the competition of enterprises. Channels are an important way for enterprise performance growth. . In the development process of BYD forklifts, the troika of brand power, product power, and channel power has been driven together, thus creating a new era of BYD forklifts.

Technological innovation and image promotion promote brand image building

In the market competition, brand power is the key to winning the new stage, and the formation of brand power cannot be achieved without the strong support of product power. BYD Forklifts adheres to the corporate development philosophy of "technology is king, innovation is the foundation", combined with strong battery technology, forklift R&D capabilities, and industrial vertical integration capabilities, BYD forklifts builds a rich product line in multiple segments and continues to lead new energy Changes in the forklift industry.

Second, increase publicity investment and increase the brand's voice on the consumer side. BYD Forklift works hand in hand with senior media who study the forklift industry and customer-related industries to build an all-media matrix of the brand, continuously influence the industry and terminals, and shape and reproduce the new brand image of BYD Forklift. This will effectively strengthen the brand power, allow more consumers to understand the brand power of BYD forklifts, and occupy more consumers' mental impressions.

Ten years of intensive cultivation of the entire industry chain layout, building a multi-category matrix

At present, end users are facing a complex market environment, coupled with the emergence of e-commerce, multi-channel distribution and green trends, prompting forklift manufacturing companies to constantly seek new ways to provide users with more environmentally friendly, more flexible and faster , Safer equipment.

In 2013, BYD forklifts with lithium iron phosphate battery forklifts entered the door of the forklift industry. The advent of this product has laid the tone for the future development of BYD forklifts. Since then, BYD Forklift has successfully developed a series of new energy forklift products such as counterbalanced forklifts, reach forklifts, pallet trucks, stackers, and AGVs in order to meet the diverse product needs of customers. At the same time, BYD forklifts rely on strong product research and development capabilities and rich customer service experience in multiple fields, involved in logistics industry, feed industry, processing and manufacturing industry, food industry, paper industry and other fields to provide customers with personalized customized services and continuous improvement. Green new energy logistics handling solutions.

As a leader in new energy forklifts, BYD forklifts have been deeply involved in the field of new energy forklifts for many years. With the six advantages of zero pollution, long life, high safety, large rate charge and discharge, maintenance-free, and low overall cost, BYD forklifts are among the many forklift brands. It stands out and has won unanimous praise from large companies such as JD.com, BMW and Dongfeng.

Broaden sales channels and develop domestic and foreign markets

For electric forklifts, under the background that the market is king, channel power has become the core element for enterprises to occupy the market. According to the development needs of the market, BYD Forklift has specially formulated a comprehensive marketing system for this purpose, thereby broadening sales channels and providing users with a more convenient service network. For BYD forklifts, customers across the country are different, their needs are also diverse, and the logistics situation in each region is also very different. Therefore, in order to better provide customers with targeted services, BYD forklifts have sunk sales channels and developed secondary dealers, so that customers can buy BYD forklift products at nearby dealerships. At the same time, we will continue to develop iconic large customers such as JD.com, which will generate a good demonstration effect, and will reach more small and medium customer groups through the channel network, achieve full market coverage, and allow more users to choose BYD forklifts.

In addition to the market area and the establishment of a dealer network, BYD forklifts have gradually moved internationally as a major country brand, promoted BYD forklift products, opened up overseas markets, and developed a series of new products based on the usage habits of users in Europe, America, and Asia Pacific. Products to meet the needs of customers in different market segments.

Nowadays, the development of green logistics is the development trend of the entire international environment. More and more domestic and foreign enterprises are actively looking for green new energy forklifts. As a leader in new energy forklifts, BYD forklifts have a clear competitive advantage over other forklift companies.

In the future, BYD forklifts will not only rely on its own advantages and understand the needs of consumers, but also carry out differentiated innovations, build a complete industrial chain, and improve the competitiveness of the company. At the same time, the troika of brand power, product power, and channel power will build a stronger cornerstone for the rapid development of BYD forklifts in the future, leading the continued vigorous development of the electric forklift industry!









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