3.5 Ton Counterblanced Diesel Forklift

3.5 Ton Counterblanced Diesel Forklift

1.Full hydraulic drive system
2.advanced structure
3.providing reliable performance
4.convenient and flexible operation.

Product Details

1. Good Description of 3.5 Ton Counterblanced Diesel Forklift

  3.5 Ton Counterblanced Diesel Forklift body is designed with big arc streamline and fitted with open     anti-slippage pedal.high position air suction inlet is fitted behind the top protection frame above the   column to ensure the engine absorbs clean air and prolong the service life. The engine hood has     functions of sound absorption and heat isolation.

forklift at door

(1)Rear in-built dual lifting cylinder is used,wide visual view,safety operation and high efficiency

(2)A hydraulic converter produced by introduction of japanese technology,high efficiency,no oil leakage,reliable work,compact structure of hydraulic transmission,shift gear valve,micromotion valve,characterized by smooth starting,stepless speed adjustmet,micromotion and acceleration performance.

(3)Full hydraulic steering gear,transverse cylinder,steering axle integrated into one body,flexible steering,compact structure and convenient repair.

Adjustable driver’s seat,reducingoperation fatigue to a maximum extent.Tilt lifting steering wheel and new type multifunc-tional panel fully represents harmony between the machine and human.

(4)Imported sealing parts are used in the cylinder,cone sealing used in fittings,good sealing performance,long service life;multiple reversing valve with automatic tilt locking device,advanced strudture to meet safety requirement.

(5)Big power and free-maintenarting battery with American technology,small volume,good performance,long storage period;general contactor arranged in the electric circuit,prolong life of the key switch,completely removing self-discharge.

(6)Beautiful appearance,quick and smooth lifting,high high productivity,it is an ideal loading and unloading machin for stations,ports,docks,warehouse,warehouse,airports and factories etc which need low noise and small smoke.

socma forklift

Photo of side of 3.5 Ton Counterblanced Diesel Forklift

 2. Why choose us?

(1) We're a machinery company, a pioneer in the industry in China, we've been leading the Chinese warehouse equipment industry since 2008. Socma products have been delivered to more than 80 countries.

(2)Strict Quality Control: 48 hours 100% inspection of electronic parts test, 100% Quality Control before delivery, including Noisy, Driving, Lifting, and Welding inspection.

(3)Full range products, High-Quality and economic models are both available from Socma, we have resources to help our partners to open the market easily.

(4)Socma has a whole set of failure predication, repair, maintenance data which will reduce 60% of the dealer's after-sale service cost. 

(5)We don’t ask more though we do much better! We offer reasonable price level! 

(6)We're honest and straight forward at work because that's the way we are in our homes, we keeps loyal to our partners!


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